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31st of October, 2018: Metaplugin v3.2.0 has been released. This new version now has a total of 16 stereo output buses in the instrument version which should satisfy all requirements regarding multibus synth plugins like Kontakt etc. In addition, Metaplugin now uses 64 bit internal processing if your DAW supports this (VST/VST3/AAX only, AU might come later at some point). Just like for IIEQPro recently, RTAS has been discontinued for Metaplugin, due to the increasingly impossible task to provide the necessary backwards compatibility (mainly in the quickly evolving OSX environment). The previous 3.1.5 version will of course be kept available.

At the same time, Plugindoctor has been updated to v1.1.3. The new version features a sweep function in the “Harmonics” section for analysis of both the fundamental response and the THD as a function of frequency (giving more insight into the nonlinear behaviour of a plugin), and a waveshaping analysis tool in the “Oscillator” section. Of course, a few stability issues have also been ironed out. Already added in the previous update: scrolling and zooming using your mouse wheel (+Ctrl for zooming). Have fun!


19th of September, 2018: IIEQPro v3.4.0 is out! Featuring a brand new GUI designed by Pavel Zolin, VST3 support and a (theoretically) unlimited number of additional frequency spectrums in the multitrack section, this release will further solidify this EQ’s position among the very best of today’s software EQs. Bad news for RTAS users though: to keep up with the latest developments, IIEQPro is now the first in line of DDMF plugins for which RTAS support has been discontinued, and slowly but surely, the rest of the bunch will follow. Previous versions will remain available, of course, but to get your hand on the latest and greatest, this might be the time to finally update to AAX.


7th of June, 2018: Plugindoctor v1.0.8 has been released, now with hardware analysis support! Just attach a piece of outboard gear with send and return channel to your audio interface, select the corresponding in- and outputs in PD’s settings, and enjoy the same thorough analysis that so far has been only available for plugins. Additional new feature: more than one curve can be stored for easy comparison, and not only in linear analysis, but also in harmonic analysis mode.


9th of April, 2018: yet another release while the year is not even four months old yet! Introduce Bridgewize: a universal, crossplatform bit bridging solution. The only one that can bridge both VSTs and AUs on Mac and VSTs on Windows. The app is based on the bridging technique that’s been introduced with Metaplugin v3 last year, and should come useful for those users who don’t need all the overhead of Metapluging when they “only” want to resurrect their old 32 bit plugins in the ever increasing set of 64-bit-only DAWs.


7th of February, 2018: please give a very warm welcome to The Plugindoctor! Intended to be used by fellow audio software developers and power users alike, this standalone Mac/Windows program fills a longstanding gap in the market: a cross-platform, cross-bitformat VST and AU plugin analyzer. See whether that EQ really has such a unique frequency response, whether your compressor’s attack and release curves look reasonable or your limiter introduces unacceptable amounts of distortion. If you are interested in the technical and mathematical side of audio plugin development, this will be a great tool for you. Out now, for only $19! Plus: owners of other DDMF products get a 50 percent reduction (code sent out separately via email).


16th of January, 2018: exciting times are ahead, two new products are by now pretty close to being in a releasable state. First, there’s the standalone plugin 32/64 bit bridge solution targeted at users who only want to use some of their old 32 bit plugins without having to load them in Metaplugin each time. And then, we have a comprehensive plugin analyzer which should fill a longstanding gap in the market… a crossplatform tool to thoroughly measure the output of  any effect plugin with high precision, empowering both aspiring and seasoned plugin developers as well as power users who want to know exactly what a specific plugin is doing to their audio material. The new tool will be released for Windows and OSX and support the analysis of 32 and 64 bit VST and AU plugins.


8th of January, 2018: Metaplugin v3.0.9 has been released. It gets rid of the issue with additionally created surround channels in Cubase. Also, MetapluginSynth can now be properly played in Sequel (which, as far as I know, was the only host that wouldn’t cooperate well with the previous versions of Metaplugin).


30th/31st of December, 2017: The one and only DDMF end-of-the-year sale has begun! 50 percent off everything until the new year has begun. Includes the apps on the Apple store! A great opportunity to grab some of the best offers available in the audio world. So before you go out and party hard, don’t forget to add some of those gems to your shopping basket, and when you wake up the next morning with a headache, it will be gone in an instant when you remember that you have some shiny new toys that will make for a great start into 2018…

While we’re at it: I wish all of you a great and successful new year! May the gods of creativity treat you well… I will continue to do my very best to provide you with the necessary tools to turn your artistic vision into reality.



28th of October, 2017: our stereo-field wizard equalizer DirectionalEQ has just been released as an AudioUnit plugin for iOS. Use it in Garageband, Cubasis, AuriaPro and other AU-compatible mobile music production hosts and sculpt the frequencies in the stereo image as you desire. In addition to this new release, all other four DDMF plugins that were previously released for iOS (6144, NYCompressor, Envelope and NoLimits) have been updated to full compatibility with iOS11.


13th of July, 2017: a major new version of Metaplugin has been released! Please give a very warm welcome to Metaplugin v3! New in this version: an internal, fully automatic bridge between the 32 and the 64 bit world (a true first in the world of wrapper plugins), a dedicated plugin browser/organizer, a VST3 version, a proper stereo sidechain input, up to 4x oversampling, support for Apple’s native Audio Unit plugins and a bypass option for each loaded plugin. There is an upgrade offer for owners of a Metaplugin v2 license: for $19 instead of $49 you can enjoy the benefits of the new release. Details about this have been sent out by email, if this information hasn’t reached you, please contact DDMF support.

Soon, there will also be a standalone version of the universal bit bridging solution that comes with Metaplugin, for those who decide they don’t need all the other goodies that Metaplugin has to offer, and focus on the bit bridging part instead. It will also be a first in that it will offer seamless window integration for Windows and OSX, and both VST and Audio Unit plugin (the latter on OSX only, of course).


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