What is it?

LinComp is a linear phase multiband compressor, a tool that belongs in every mastering chain. Multiband compression allows you to take care of the levels and response times of four frequency bands independently, and the linear phase crossover guarantee that all this happens with no damage done to the audio whatsoever. Independent threshold, attack, release, ratio and gain controls as well as master faders for simultaneous control let you sculpt the dynamics of your tracks in any way imaginable. Select the compression type by switching between hard and soft knee, use LinComp as a brickwall limiter with the built-in clipping function, and do A/B tests to find out the optimal setting. We still don’t know why we sell a high quality plugin like this for only $39, but well, we do, and you better buy it before we change our mind.


  • 4 frequency bands
  • double-precision linear phase band splitters
  • freely variable transition frequencies
  • individual adjustment of threshold, gain, ratio, attack and release per band
  • solo and bypass options for each band
  • built-in brickwall clipper
  • switch between hard and soft knee
  • A/B states for easy comparison

Demo (Win) Demo (Mac)


It’s ridiculously good value for money and is highly recommended for anybody looking for a multiband compressor. (bmanic on Gearslutz)