What is it?

MagicVerb is the latest result of the collaboration between MagicDeathEye aka Ian Sefchick and DDMF. This journey was a little more creative as we weren’t modeling a piece of hardware. We were modeling spaces and experimenting with EQ and texture. Ian spent a decade working at a studio known for its chambers and that dark beautiful feeling of space was always with him when creating these models. We had a lot of his engineer and producer buddies check em’ out and used their feedback to tighten everything up. We also put a really cool plate and model of a classic digital reverb in there as well.
There’s nothing new under the sun and this has all been done before, so the objective was to make a reverb plugin as useful as the Magic Death Eye compressor plugins. A real utility reverb that works on everything and is super easy to operate. A reverb with depth, texture, and lots of love. A MagicVerb!

What others say...

MagicVerb has one of the best set of reverbs I have ever used. The chamber in particular has an amazingly smooth decay, and simple controls make it easy to customize the sound. ( Mark Linett - Beach Boys, Randy Newman, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Rickie Lee Jones)

Audio samples

Demo (Win) Demo (Mac)

Available in 32 and 64 bit format, as a VST, VST3, AU and AAX plugin. On Mac, OSX 10.7 or higher is required. Intel and Apple Silicon are both supported. The plugin is also available for iOS as a plugin in AUv3 format, which you can directly use in compatible hosts like Garageband or Cubasis…