Here’s where the real fun begins: gorgeous plugins bundled up in attractive packages for which the word “bargain” is probably the understatement of the year. Let’s see what we’ve got for you:

Presents GIF

Full Bundle: This is like Christmas all year round: all DDMF plugins + all DDMF standalone apps in one big, shiny package. Save more than 50 percent! All cross-platform licenses (Windows + OSX) except for the Virtual Audio apps, which are Windows only.

AllPlugins JPG

All Plugins Bundle: All DDMF audio plugins in one big shiny bag. Save 50 % with this purchase, compared to buying all plugins individually. Please note that the standalone programs (Plugindoctor, Bridgewize, Virtual Audio Stream and Virtual Audio Recorder) are not included.

SuperMeta bundle JPG

SuperMetaBundle: Superplugin and Metaplugin: two true partners in crime! This unbeatable duo will solve all your plugin chaining, wrapping and bridging needs in a heartbeat.

MDE bundle JPG

MagicDeathEyeBundle: Two modern classics that you simply cannot afford to not have in your arsenal! Save $50 by buying them both in this bundle offer, so that they can live together happily ever after on your harddrive, like it was meant to be…

EQ bundle JPG

EQ Bundle: DDMF’s EQs have definitely raised the bar when it comes to software EQs. Here’s your chance to get all four of them (IIEQPro, LP10, DirectionalEQ and 6144) with a price reduction of 45 %…

Dynamics bundle JPG

Dynamics Bundle: All you’ll ever need for creating tight, punchy productions. Save 40 % and get Comprezzore, LinComp and NoLimits2 in one go…

ERS Bundle JPG

ERS Bundle: All three ERS bundles in one convenient package. Save 40 percent compared to purchasing them individually…