Who is DDMF?

DDMF was founded in 2006 by Christian Siedschlag (PhD), a physicist and musician, with the goal to create affordable, high quality, no-nonsense audio software. Since that time, DDMF has grown to become a well-known name in the audio industry and is routinely named as one of the most innovative small companies around. Initially focusing on equalizers, the spectrum of available effects has grown over the years, covering standard studio effects as well as cutting-edge products that boldly go where no man has gone before… ;-).

Can I install the plugins on more than one computer?

The license is very generous in this respect: you may actually install the software on all computers you personally own. There is no copy protection tied to the machine hardware or anything like that. For studios or other “bigger” organisations, we trust on the decency of our customers to know when a certain limit of installs has been exceeded (if you start to approach, say, 10 installations I’d appreciate it if you’d start to think about purchasing an additional license).

Can I get my money back?

We strongly believe in the quality of our products and are very much convinced they’ll serve you well. We also try to be as helpful as possible with all installation or other technical issues. Nevertheless, we also know that it’s impossible to fulfill everyone’s expectations, so if for any reason during the first 30 days after purchase you decide that your decision was a mistake, you’ll get your money back. All we ask for is just a little bit of feedback in order to be able to make the DDMF product line even better…

What about AAX versions?

AAX is the most recent plugin format invented by Digidesign for their ProTools11/12 digital audio workstation. It has replaced the previous RTAS plugin format, which is also still supported by DDMF. Currently, all DDMF plugins except NYCompressor are available in AAX format. Furthermore, probably the most popular DDMF plugin at the moment is Metaplugin, which allows the user to build almost arbitrary effect chains out of VST and AU plugins. Itself being available in AAX (and RTAS) format, Metaplugin can therefore be used as a wrapper to load VST and AU plugins in ProTools! Note that for legal reasons it is not possible to load RTAS and AAX plugins into Metaplugin though…

Tell me about 32/64 bit plugins?

All DDMF plugins come both in 32 and 64 bit format, which means they will run without issues in the ever increasing number of 64 bit digital audio workstations. To make a long story short, a 64 bit program can address vastly more memory space than a 32 bit program (where the limit is 4 Gigabyte), so whenever you can, you should use a 64 bit host.

Now one common issue is that a 64 bit host can only load 64 bit plugins, which leaves a lot of older 32 bit plugins stranded. With the release of Metaplugin v3, however, it is possible to directly load 32 bit plugins in Metaplugin even if it is running in a 64 bit process. There’s no need anymore for 3rd party bit bridging solutions, the whole process is happening seamlessly behind the scenes, and the 32 bit plugins will display their UIs just as if they were true 64 bit plugins.

ProTools is giving me an error message?

When ProTools is showing you an error message when trying to load a newly installed DDMF plugin for the first time, it usually helps to remove said plugin from the AAX folder, start ProTools once, close it again and run the DDMF installer a second time. Please contact DDMF support if this procedure doesn’t help.

What are the system requirements?

There are no “hard” requirements in terms of processing power or memory. All reasonably recent PCs or (Intel) Macs should have plenty of power to handle the highly optimized DDMF effects with ease. PowerPC Macs are not supported anymore… Concerning operating systems, Windows XP or higher is required. On the Mac side, DDMF is slowly shifting from 10.5 to 10.6 as a minimum requirement. Please look at the individual product page for specific info. For the plugins you need a host (a DAW or a digital audio workstation). Specifically, a VST host on Windows, a VST or AU host on Mac or ProTools (8 or higher) on Windows or Mac. After all, you can always download the free demo versions to see if your system is up to speed. Which brings us to the…

Demo versions?

All DDMF effects are available as demo versions without any time limit. The only limitations are a slight noise buzz every now and then and, depending on your host, disabled saving of your settings.

Do you allow license transfers?

License transfers are in principle possible, with a $5 fee per plugin. If a plugin has been purchased at a reduced price as part of a bundle, only the whole bundle may be transferred, not an individual plugin. Special offers are usually not for resale, this will be explicitly mentioned on a per case basis.