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What is it?

The NYCompressor is the ideal workhorse when it comes to dynamics management in a mix. From gentle compression for glueing your mix together to heavy drum compression for the ultimate punch: NYCompressor can do it all. Features:

– Ratio up to 1:10.

– Key signal filtering.

– True sidechaining (4 inputs).

– Hard/soft knee.

– Parallel (New York) compression.

– Independent L/R or Mid/Side compression.

NYCompressor will transform your music from “weak sounding” to “powerful and exciting” with just a few knob turns… Available in Windows VST (32/64 bit), Windows/Mac RTAS and Mac VST/AU format (Intel, OSX 10.5 and higher).


It’s not only the best compressor among the cheap and free ones, it’s also better than a lot of expensive ones. […] NY doesn’t loose low frequencies. Super!

Igro on

Hell yes! I just bought this thing yesterday and I’m already in love! This thing just might be my favourite track compressor that I’ve ever used. I don’t know what it is but all the controls just plain work and it is easy to dial in a sound with your ears.

gavriloP at

NEW: now also available as an Audio Unit v3 plugin for iOS! Use NYCompressor as a plugin on your iPad, just like you would in a desktop environment. Needs a corresponding Audio Unit v3 host (like Garageband or Cubasis). Get it now on the app store:

App store download

And here are the links to the desktop (Mac and PC) demo versions:

Demo (Win) Demo (Mac)