Here’s where the real fun begins: gorgeous plugins bundled up in attractive packages for which the word “bargain” is probably the understatement of the year. Let’s see what we’ve got for you:


Full Plugin Bundle:




Full bundle (save 50%)


All DDMF audio plugins in one big shiny bag. Save 50 % with this purchase, compared to buying all plugins individually. Please note that the standalone programs (Plugindoctor, Bridgewize, Virtual Audio Stream and Virtual Audio Recorder) are not included.


EQ Bundle:




EQ bundle (save 46 %)


DDMF’s EQs have definitely raised the bar when it comes to software EQs. Here’s your chance to get all four of them (IIEQPro, LP10, DirectionalEQ and 6144) with a price reduction of 46 %…


Dynamics Bundle:



Dynamics bundle (save 41 %)


All you’ll ever need for creating tight, punchy productions. Save 41 % and get LinComp, NYCompressor and NoLimits in one go…