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Sometimes you just don't want to spend much time on finding the ideal EQ settings (and, with beasts like IIEQPro and LP10, you can easily lose yourself in all the options), but just turn a knob and know it will sound right, because someone else has figured out the most musical response for you. In the case of the 6144, this person has been the designer of the Neve Portico 5033, which was the role model for this software EQ. Hats off to the man! Unique gain-Q-interaction and custom made low- and high shelf filters make sure you can apply even extreme settings without getting harsh or muddy results. Add a little bit of saturation for that extra warmth, et voila! There you go... check out the free demo or spend the easily justified $39 to obtain your Windows or MacOSX copy (VST and AU: 32/64 bit plus AAX and RTAS; OSX: 10.6 or higher). if you're looking for a character VST equalizer, Audio Unit equalizer or AAX equalizer, 6144 won't disappoint you!


It's simply astonishing. Crank it up full 12dB and turn DOWN the frequency knob and hold your jaw. It simply sounds good, just more.
chacka on kvraudio.com

Dang, this is one sweet piece of eq. Cranked the highs all i could with all bands reaching that hi, and still it sounded pretty darn sweet.
gregerlindberg on gearslutz.com